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A good idea

I know everybody has a "crap" email address they use for things that may bring them more spam. Please make use of that here and help get the word out that this country needs more E85 Ethanol fuel stations across this country and we need them fast.


Please copy & paste this to your livejournals, spread the word.
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I have 50 Gmail invites, now is the time to get anybody and everybody you know on Gmail. Google will take over the world soon and you want to be sure that the ink on your barcode tatoo is dry when the Gazi's come knocking. Friends, family, doesn't have to be yourself, just help me get rid of these invites. I'm making this entry public so you can copy & paste the URL to anybody.

Boo, Marvel

For those of you that doodle, don't doodle pictures of Spiderman or the X-Men, or Marvel will sue the manufacturer of your pen!. Also, if you're going to be Marvel character for Halloween, make sure you purchase your costume from a licensed Marvel costume manufacturer.

Does this mean that my school will be getting a lawsuit because I drew a picture of Wolverine on the dry-erase board once?
Evil Monopoly

Good job Seahawks

Well the Seahawks just reduced their chances of getting into the playoffs to Wild Card team only. Way to lose guys. And here nearly 100% of the guys at ESPN have been picking you for NFC champs all year.
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No time like the present...

Its the final week before election day. Help recruit, help by contributing, just help by getting the word out. Sign up with JohnKerry.com!

Volunteer and post your links in your livejournals I only reach 50-60 people, I'm sure if half of you signed up and posted your links, we'd reach hundreds more, then thousands, and so on. Post it in your AIM profile, email it, get the word out! People our age need to show up to the polls in force next Tuesday or its going to be a rough 4 more years......maybe even 8 more (assuming Cheney is alive to run in '08).
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Alright, so for some reason LJ isn't letting me do a text poll to get people's first name, last name, and email to send out the 5 Gmail invites I've got. So since LJ is being stupid and I'm sure I'm doing the HTML right, I'll just take the first 5 comments here. If you want to protect your privacy, comment here AND send an email to Xeroproject at Gmail.com with the neccessary info.
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Please vote this coming Nov 2!

Cool little contest idea from Jim & James @ http://www.hotornot.com, the idea is to give away $200,000. $100,000 to a randomly selected person, then another $100,000 to the person that referred that randomly selected person and to raise voting awareness. These guys have had my main email address for years, and I know I haven't seen any spam from them giving it away, so feel safe registering. Just hop on the link below and then start distributing the referal link you get and away you go.


Register if you want, and pass it along.
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(no subject)

So I've got an idea. I often wonder about a lot of things, but I move on and never ask the questions that would satisfy my curiousity. So in an effort to at least learn one thing each day, I'm going to start posting questions in my livejournal for anybody to answer. I'll attempt to keep the questions factual rather than theorectical, but just like efforts to spell things correctly, that may not always happen. Anyhow, today's question occured to me while I was attempting to figure out what's so new and different about Chicken Selects as opposed to Chicken Nuggets.

Why do corporations (such as McDonald's, General Mills, etc) have contests/games/drawings/etc and always say, "No purchase necessary to play" or something to that effect?

I will attempt to answer the question myself by doing some searching online, but please comment with your findings. If you can't answer the question, link this to a friend that you think might be able to.